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New and improved

This is the entry I did last year for Thanksgiving, which, if you look at it alone, is rather nice.

Because I'm incredibly depressed right now I'm going to do a cheesy what I'm thankful for list. And I swear not to say one negative thing. I'll make Justin proud.

What am I thankful for?
I'm thankful to have a job that isn't the same old crap that everyone else does.
I'm thankful for those rare moments from Lilly that make me feel important.
I'm thankful for the feeling I get from paying my own bills.
I'm thankful for my friends, especially Justin and Joy who really do feel more like family.
I'm thankful for my creativity which keeps me busy on my days off.
I'm thankful for my days off.
I'm thankful for all the little things in life that make it worth living.
...I'm thankful for my Shinsengumi Saitou action figure, who stands next to my computer and silently agrees with me during every argument. ...Always there for me, pal.
I'm thankful that I found a quicker and cheaper way home.
I'm thankful for text messages which keep my sanity on bad days.
And most importantly:
I'm thankful that Lilly will be here in just two months.
And I'm thankful that my mom doesn't have cancer.

There. Nothing negative. No little asides I wanted to throw in. Happy Thanksgiving.

Obviously I'm still thankful my mom doesn't have cancer (some of you missed that drama....) and I'm still thankful for my days off... and for Shinsengumi Saitou who provides continuing support. You lost your sword hilts in a hurricane, but you're still solid as a rock, baby.

This year.... well..

I'm thankful that I finally decided on a career, even though I haven't decided how the fuck I'm going to get there.
I'm thankful that my mom paid for my CAT scan so that I could afford to eat this week.
I'm thankful that some day I will NEVER step foot on Disney property ever again.
I'm thankful that some day, no matter how fucking long it takes me, I will see Kyoto.
I'm thankful to have another friend who is ghetto poor like me and can understand exactly what it's like.
I'm thankful that my particular flavor of "Crazier than Fuck" has a proper name.
I'm thankful that my fucked up kidneys haven't done anything since my birthday.
I'm thankful that my fan tattoo looks as pretty as it does.
I'm thankful that I found $20 today.
I'm thankful that I found those Tylor books at Otakon. They rock.

Wow, what a great list. Almost brings a tear to your eyes.
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